Medical Courses

Providing the highest quality education and information for the recognition, treatment, and prevention of wilderness and remote emergencies.

From Basic First Aid through Wilderness EMT courses, Landmark Learning strives to provide the essentials in every workplace and under extreme conditions. An understanding of common medical, traumatic, and environmental emergencies creates the opportunity to prevent injury and illness, and make timely decisions about necessary evacuation and transport.

Disaster Medicine

The Community Relief Medic (CRM) course prepares lay rescuers for dealing with disasters at home or abroad - the first 48 hours of care matter when regular emergency services are overwhelmed. 


Emergency Medicine & First Aid

Emergency medicine courses are available for the workplace, the backcountry, and the street. We are proud to showcase our affiliate relationship with NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute.


Wilderness Medicine

Skills, ethics, risk management, and techniques for outdoor instructors and trip leaders to make fast paced medical and evacuation decisions in remote locations, with limited equipment.