Adam Davis
Paramedic, WEMT
Currently employed as a Flight Paramedic (rotor wing) overseas in addition to working with Landmark Learning, Adam loves adaptive nature of wilderness medicine. He has been in Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2001.
Annie Kitchin
Program Coordinator, WFR
Annie loves the outdoors and has a passion for education. As a whitewater kayaker, she has experience with outdoor medicine and the unpredictability of the wilderness, making her an excellent Program Coordinator.
Beth Boehme
Faculty, WEMT
As a recreational backcountry guide and instructor since 1999, Beth is very comfortable with wilderness medicine. She loves the mix of people that enroll in WFR courses and loves to teach!
Dan Payton
Faculty, Parametric, WEMT
Dan has been a backcountry guide and instructor since 1985 and involved in rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2011. He loves to ski in powder!
Deane Hodde
Paramedic, WEMT
Deane has worked at Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral from 1980-1982 as a Paramedic for the first 5 shuttle launches. He has been teaching Emergency Medicine since 1978.
Eli Helbert
Faculty, WEMT
Recreational backcountry guide and instructor since 1987. He loves the Landmark team after taking his first WFR course and has canoed competitively since 1999.
Felipe Jacome
Felipe has been a mountain guide since 2000 and a wilderness medicine instructor since 2006. After spending a lot of time in the outdoors, he decided to start sharing his knowledge and experience.
Fritz Orr
Faculty, WFR
Whitewater canoe experience as an internationally competitive athlete. Comprehensive personal and instructional experience in hiking, backpacking, rock climbing and extended backcountry expeditions.
Jason Carter
Faculty, WEMT
Recreational backcountry guiding and instruction since 2006 and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2009. He likes trail or road running and whitewater kayaking, but dabbles in anything outdoors.
John Carrico
Faculty, Paramedic
Recreational backcountry guiding and instruction since 2000 and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2008. Loves the outdoors!
Jon Lowrance
Faculty, RN, WEMT
Jon likes whitewater canoeing the creeks and rivers of Western North Carolina and trail running & hiking with his dogs. He has been with Landmark for 2005.
Justin Doroshenko
Paramedic, WEMT
Recreational backcountry guiding and instruction since 2003 and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2011. Doro likes rock watching, whitewater admiring, and studying emergency medicine on his porch.
Justin Padgett
Executive Director, Paramedic, WEMT
Justin has been involved in guiding and instruction since 1990 and has been deeply immersed in the outdoors for his entire life. He enjoys trail running, mountain biking, and paddling with his kids in the mountains of Western North Carolina.
Katie Wall
Faculty, WEMT
Having been involved in backcountry guiding since 2006 and Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2008, Katie has tons of experience in the field. She enjoys hiking, backpacking, biking, and playing on the trails. She is also a big lover of rafting and sea kayaking.
Kevin Williams
Faculty, WEMT
Kevin did his BS at Western Carolina University and enjoys playing in whitewater, downhill mountain biking, underground exploration (aka caving) and yard art. He teaches the ACA Swiftwater Rescue course.
Laura Bonner
Faculty, Paramedic, WEMT
As a backcountry guide and instructor since 2005, Laura has always loved and admired the outdoors. Though she loves the mountains, her deepest passion is in rivers and been whitewater rafting and canoeing all over the world.
Mairi Padgett
Administrative Director, WFR
Mairi has been guiding and instructing since 1989 and founded Landmark Learning with her husband, Justin Padgett. Though her adrenaline years have been replaced with a calmer outlook on the outdoors, she still enjoys anything she can do with her two kids in the wilderness.
Mike Smith
Faculty, WFR
Mike has been a backcountry guide and instructor since 1999 and loves teaching and working with other outdoor educators, helping students figure out how to truly enjoy the outdoors safely. He teaches the essentials of river kayaking and the swiftwater rescue class (level 4).
Phil Hart
Faculty, Paramedic, WEMT
With backcountry guiding and instruction experience since 1985, Phil has always had a passion for the outdoors. He also has been involved in Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 1985 and loves teaching because it expands his understanding of different types of people and improves his medical skills.
Priscilla Hunt
Faculty, WEMT
Priscilla loves long backpacking trips and during the summer and fall, she instructs backpacking and mountaineering courses in Colorado and Alaska. She plays the fiddle and enjoys playing the music of the Appalachians, the British Isles, and from the contra dance tradition.
Rachel Clemets
Student Services Coordinator
Rachel loves bike rides, nature walks, and picnics. She is the one that organizes all the students and makes sure they have everything they need to enter the courses they want to enroll in. She loves customer service and solving problems that arise in enrollment.
Rob Barham
Faculty, WEMT
As a backcountry guide and instructor since 1997, Rob has enjoyed playing in the in the woods with his wife and two kids. He loves whitewater kayaking, road biking, mountain biking, turkey hunting, and fishing. He has been involved in Rescue and Emergency Medical Services since 2007.
Scott Lipscomb
Faculty, WEMT
Scott has been backcountry guiding and instructing since 2007 and enjoys rock climbing, whitewater canoeing, trail running, snowboarding, slack lining, and generally being better at things than Jason Carter. He loves empowering other outdoor leaders with medical skills and judgement.
Seth Collings Hawkins
Medical Director, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FAWM
Having been a backcountry instructor since 1993, Seth is one of the most experienced members of the Landmark Learning team. He also happens to be the medical director and says that the reason he joined Landmark was because he believes in the mission and likes their hats.